Archive: August, 2011

Optimize slow MongoDB queries using MongoLab

You’ve launched your application, driven some traffic to it (maybe it’s even “gone viral”!), accumulated a meaningful volume of data and now it feels like some of your queries have become sluggish. What now? Time for query profiling!  MongoLab can help. Step 1: Turn on the profiler To turn on the query profiler log in […]

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MongoDB: it’s not just about big data

MongoDB has a great story around big data and horizontal scalability, but it is also a great general-purpose database and often the right choice even when you don¹t have a lot of data. I gave a talk at a local San Francisco NoSQL meetup about this very topic.  The talk received a ton of good feedback – maybe I’ll […]

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SF Startup Crawl this Thursday August 11 starting at 5 pm!

Great opportunity to meet our team and hang out with many MongoDB-powered startups this Thursday evening! We’ll be hosting a table at the first stop along with 10gen (MongoDB), RocketSpace and Zaarly… if you don’t catch us there we’ll see you on the rest of the crawl! Join us at 5 pm on Thursday August […]

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