Ample MongoDB Examples

Greetings, adventurer!

MongoLab is excited to release a round of MongoDB examples to help you get started on your quest in the world of scalable document-orientation. Fortunately for all of us, the technology stack required to deal with MongoDB is delightfully short. The whole idea is to put a lightweight, flexible object store directly at your fingertips and that's what we aim to do.

With that in mind you'll need:

  • a language,
  • a driver, and
  • a MongoDB database.

These examples assume you know enough about what you're doing in each language to be dangerous. What we're offering is a satchel of syntax to get you out of the village. To start with, head over to MongoDB > Drivers and equip yourself with your driver of choice.

If you quickstart with a MongoDB on your localhost these examples should run right out of the stable.

However, if you're ready to ride the cloud you should sign up for 240MB of free cloud database goodness from MongoLab. You can be connected to a MongoDB database and slinging JSON documents through our latest UI tools in less time than it takes to download and install MongoDB locally. During provisioning, MongoLab will provide you the URI to drop into these examples.

So, hop over to our mongodb-driver-examples github and take a look. You'll notice the metaphors keep coming: Each example is themed around documents for a fictional game known as MongoQuest. Here are direct links for:

Not only that, you should check back later for more. We plan to expand our examples to include replica set connections and cover how to handle failover. Until then, good luck on your quest!


P.S. Please send us an email at or comment below about your experience with these examples. We want them to work for the whole community, and you can help. Always remember that the world still needs adventurers.

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