MongoDB 2.0.2 now supported

A question we often get is "I Can Haz 2.0 Pleeze?" (as well as questions for cheezburgers). The answer today is "YEZZ".

Starting today, all new MongoLab databases are running MongoDB v2.0.2.

This includes all NEW free Starter databases and for-pay multi-tenant databases. Dedicated VM databases can be on either 1.8 or 2.0.

All NEW PaaS partner databases (PHPFog/AppFog, Heroku, and Engine Yard/ are also on 2.0.2.

We'll be offering upgrades to existing databases over the next few weeks.

More about 2.0.2 can be found here. The most requested features we've heard are:

  • Improved index performance
  • Polygonal geospatial searches
  • Improved concurrency

What do you like about 2.0?

Thank you to all of our early adopters for trying it out, and thank you to 10gen's crack database crew for 2.0.2.

I’m MongoLab’s VP of Sales and Marketing. And I’m here to serve our customers’ needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.

About benwen

I'm MongoLab's VP of Sales and Marketing. And I'm here to serve our customers' needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.