New 2.0 database = a chance to win three Sifteo Cubes!

We're so excited about our new MongoDB 2.0 support that we want everyone to try it. So to provide a fun extra incentive, we're holding three contests with these innovative Sifteo Cubes as prizes. Make a new 2.0.2 database on before the below datetimes, and you'll automatically be entered to win a 3-pack of Sifteo Cubes and charging station.

  • December 22, 2011 9:59pm Pacific Time (we'll try to get them on Santa's sleigh)
  • January 22, 2012 9:59pm Pacific Time
  • February 22, 2012 9:59pm Pacific Time

Wait, what are Sifteo Cubes?

Sifteo Cubes are the hottest thing this season for kids from 5 to 105!

They're interactive playthings that connect wirelessly, have a little LCD screen, and sense each other's presence and their own attitude. Each is smaller than a stack of buttery Pepperidge Farm Chessmen and almost as tasty. Different games download to them and you play with them like puzzle pieces. They're programmable in C# for those so inclined. I like to think of them as a cross between an iPod, a NintendoDS, and Legos.

Cool, so what do I need to do?

  1. Sign up for a FREE account at if you haven't already
  2. Add/create a new database (Starter (free) or Multi-tenant only). They're all MongoDB 2.0.2 as of yesterday.


  1. Use one of our PaaS partners (Engine Yard, Heroku, PHPFog) and create a new database that way.

You can also tweet to @mongolab or send an email to with your name, database name and anything to make your submission stand out (an app, a haiku poem, interpretive dance steps, you know).  Winner will be judged on creativity, Mongodb 2.0 feature usage, and a smidge of random luck.

Finally, congrats to Charles Xu who won the Sifteo Cubes at MongoSV 2011!

Good luck!

The rules:
Contest is open to all account holders at in countries that allow these contests. If you win, you agree to let us use your name and likeness in promotion. Employees, contractors, and agents of MongoLab are not eligible. (we still love you).  MongoLab reserves the right to disqualify fraudulent or gamed entries. Any disputes are resolved solely by MongoLab, whose judgement is final.

(edit 2011-12-20, 10:20aPT added missing link)

I’m MongoLab’s VP of Sales and Marketing. And I’m here to serve our customers’ needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.

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I'm MongoLab's VP of Sales and Marketing. And I'm here to serve our customers' needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.