“Rock-Solid Mongo Ops”

UPDATE 2011-12-14: Video of Todd's talk at this link (10gen.com).

So we're still coming down just back from MongoSeattle and MongoSV. Both conferences were fantastic:  lots of enthusiasm, lots of sharp folks, and lots of exciting developments in the MongoDB community -- not least of which is its explosive growth over just the last year!

There were some very captivating and useful presentations on all things Mongo. On the operations-focused track, I gave a talk around a few of the hard-won lessons in hosting a production-worthy MongoDB deployment. If you're interested, those slides are up on SpeakerDeck now.

(Actually, the slides are there whether or not you're interested -- I never did truly understand that figure of speech.  If you already know everything about MongoDB ops, you can skip straight to the "We're Hiring!" slides at the end.  Because, you know ... we're hiring.)

Profound thanks to 10gen and our fellow sponsors for putting together these two outstanding events. And to all the people we talked to, thanks for stopping by and getting to know us a little better. We look forward to working with you if you need some MongoDB hosting done, and in any event we hope to see you again at a future Mongo event.


p.s. - If you haven't created a MongoLab database in a while, you might not have noticed that we've got a free "experimental" preview of MongoDB 2.0.2-rc2 available now -- check it out! It's feeling pretty good so far. Assuming that pattern holds, you can look for 2.0 to come to all our plans in the near future. Stay tuned...