MongoLab now publicly available at PaaS EngineYard Add-on beta

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It's with great excitement that we announce our hosted MongoDB solution in the cloud is now available on all Engine Yard accounts.  This coincides with the recent public beta of the Engine Yard Add-On program.

That means that all EY accounts have FREE access to our hosted MongoDB solution that sports our beautiful Web UI interface.  We also manage backups and monitor the database processes for impending and emergent health issues.  That's right, we floss regularly.

Engine Yard has been in the vanguard of Platform as a Service and so has a robust, battle-tested environment for your Ruby and PHP applications.  The Engine Yard PaaS is used by companies large and small, from discriminating Global 500 companies (including MTV, Apple, MasterCard, Simon and Schuster) to fast-growing startups (Sifteo, Path, etc.)   We've been happy to be part of the Engine Yard Add-On program since its announcement.  And now it's ready to share with the world.

If you're a user of our integration, made prior to their acquisition into the Engine Yard family, have no fear your excellent MongoLab experience continues uninterrupted.

We're proud to be part of the Engine Yard Add-on program, providing a great way for a development and deployment team to start immediately using the power of the popular NoSQL document database MongoDB.  So please click here and get your MongoLab add on today.  You'll need to be logged into your Engine Yard account (or create a free one) to see that link.

To learn more about using MongoLab with Engine Yard, including exact environment variables for automatic connectivity, please visit our docs here. Contact us through or reach us through Twitter @mongolab. 

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I’m MongoLab’s VP of Sales and Marketing. And I’m here to serve our customers’ needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.

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I'm MongoLab's VP of Sales and Marketing. And I'm here to serve our customers' needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.