Test Driven Development and Continuous Deployment in the Cloud

Automated testing and deployment is exquisitely supported by cloud infrastructures that have fast provisioning and de-provisioning capabilities.  Our friends at Strider (Brilliant Continuous Delivery) are working on some great tools to do enforce the discipline for just that.   Stephen and Niall regularly assemble wisdom for Node.js and Python Test Driver Development (TDD) at their Beyond Fog blog.  Their latest entry on Node.js TDD outlines how they use should.js, Zombie, Mocha, and Sinon with Heroku and MongoLab to catch bugs and design misconceptions early and often.

Cloud infrastructures let development teams easily stand up test and pre-production stacks with minimal friction, like at Hipster.  That minimizes deployment risk and keeps minds focused on developing less on debugging.

Go visit Strider, get a private beta invite, and slay bugs early!

I’m MongoLab’s VP of Sales and Marketing. And I’m here to serve our customers’ needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.

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I'm MongoLab's VP of Sales and Marketing. And I'm here to serve our customers' needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.