MongoLab available in the EU on Amazon EC2. Clone a database.

European Union on Amazon EC2

We're happy to announce as of today, MongoLab's Free, Shared and Dedicated plans are all available in Amazon's Ireland eu-west-1 datacenter.  When you create a new database in our Web UI for a Shared database, you'll have the choice of datacenter.

Clone a database

And also part of this update, our UI supports the automatic cloning of an existing MongoDB database, either from an accessible URI source or from another MongoDB database hosted at MongoLab.  Click "Clone existing" at the top of the Database admin screen.

You can use this a few different ways.  For example, you can now easily keep a "clean" development database around and clone it for experimentation.  It can also be used to bootstrap a new project or developer.  Databases can be copied between MongoLab accounts by using the fully authenticated URI.  You can also use it for migrating from one host to another.


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I’m MongoLab’s VP of Sales and Marketing. And I’m here to serve our customers’ needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.

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I'm MongoLab's VP of Sales and Marketing. And I'm here to serve our customers' needs for MongoDB hosting in the cloud.