Backup your MongoDB databases with MongoLab

Last year, a lot of folks asked us if they could use MongoLab's admin tools on databases not hosted with MongoLab. We thought this was a cool idea, and released Remote Connections, a feature that allows you to point MongoLab's web interface at any cloud MongoDB instance. Since then, this feature has received great response.

Today... Remote Connections got even better! You can now use exactly the same backup tools on remote databases that our users that host with MongoLab know, love, and trust.

MongoLab's backup system makes it extremely easy to schedule and manage backups. You can use the system to perform one-time backups or create recurring Backup Plans with custom schedules and retention policies. Backups can be stored in MongoLab's own secure cloud containers or in a container at the cloud storage provider of your choice (e.g. Amazon S3).

How it works

Step 1. Create a Remote Connection

After you have signed up for a MongoLab account, create a Remote Connection to your database by providing us with the MongoDB connection URI for your database, server, or Replica Set cluster.


 Step 2. Kick-off a one-time backup or create a recurring Backup Plan


Step 3. Sit back and relax

Why implement and manage backups yourself when you can ask our trusty robots to do it for you?

Not only do we take the headache out of taking backups, but we make sure backups happen as they should be. Our comprehensive backup auditing system is continuously monitoring all Backup Plans to ensure that every backup is happening when it is supposed to, and without error.  You will be alerted when any backups do not occur as planned.

Free during beta

For now, this feature is in beta. During this beta period, we are offering this functionality for free with a database data size limit of 5 GB. When we come out of beta, Remote Connection backups will support larger database sizes and be priced on a per-run basis.

If you run into any trouble and/or have any feedback, please don't hesitate to send us an email at

Thank you in advance for trying out backup tools for Remote Connections; we look forward to hearing what you think!