MongoLab now manages over 100,000 databases! (102,280 to be exact)

We're proud to announce that MongoLab is now powering over 100,000 cloud MongoDB databases in 23 datacenters worldwide!

A Big Thank You!

This is an incredible milestone that our team is excited to share with the MongoDB community, our partners, and our amazing, amazing customers. We couldn't have achieved this collective success without your help and support, so a big thank you to all.

Developers come first

From the beginning our goal with MongoLab was to help developers be more productive and successful by providing them with awesome tools and world-class support.  By delivering a fully-managed cloud MongoDB service to the world, we have done exactly that. Using our comprehensive set of tools, MongoLab users can focus on product development and not get bogged down by database administration and operations.

To date, we've integrated our MongoDB-as-a-Service platform with all the major cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Joyent, Rackspace, Windows Azure) and many PaaS providers (e.g., Heroku) to allow developers flexibility in choosing their infrastructure and to take advantage of the increasingly competitive cloud space. A lot of work has been done in bringing our service to each of these platforms; we're now looking forward to working with all of our partners to make the user experience for developers and teams even better.

In addition to our new offerings and platforms, we've continued to provide thoughtful, timely support to prospective and current users. We help users and teams evaluate MongoDB, choose the right data model, and help them scale. Many of our bigger customers today started with us from the beginning; we look forward to helping new teams grow and achieve the same success.

Join us on our journey

We've come a long way and again would like to thank everyone who has supported us. 100,000 databases is a great number, but now have our eyes set on bigger. To those not yet part of the MongoDB community or on MongoLab, come join the over 100,000 strong.