Production-ready MongoDB Replica Sets on Google Cloud Platform

Great news, Google Cloud users!

Today Google, MongoDB Inc., and MongoLab are announcing the arrival of fully-managed, production-ready MongoDB replica set plans on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These plans are hosted on Google Compute Engine (GCE) and managed by MongoLab. You can get started for free!

By leveraging MongoLab's MongoDB-as-a-Service platform on GCP, Google developers running MongoDB can focus on product development and not get bogged down by database administration and operations. Automated provisioning, multi-zone data replication, backups and monitoring are all provided by the platform, so developers only need to worry about is their schema and their code (ok, we can help you a little with that too).

Google Compute Engine

For developers looking to host their application and MongoDB in the cloud, Google's infrastructure has many powerful features.

First, Google virtual machines (VMs) spin up really quickly. In some cases we have seen Google instances spin-up in 10 seconds, faster than we've seen on any of the other major cloud providers.

Second, Google's network is incredibly fast, allowing for very low-latency connectivity between your Google-hosted application and your MongoLab database.

Third, Google's live VM migrations make most VM maintenance completely unnoticeable to end-users. Google can transfer hot memory from one VM to another live, with minimal impact on VM performance. This means you will rarely see a VM reboot for maintenance. This makes our pagers happy. No other cloud can do this.

MongoLab plans

The new plans will include everything needed to run MongoDB in production:

Highly-Available MongoDB Cloud Hosting

  • Dedicated virtual machines
  • Multi-zone automatic failover using MongoDB Replica Sets

MongoDB Management Tools

  • Free daily custom backups with easy restore
  • Real-time and historical monitoring of key performance metrics
  • Automated query analysis and index recommendations

MongoDB Support

  • Expert, timely email support as well as a 24x7 emergency support hotline
  • Availability SLA
  • Commercial Support from MongoDB, Inc.

For Google developers new to MongoDB, MongoLab also has free Sandbox plans (up to 500 MB) to get started.


As always, you can reach out to MongoLab team anytime at if you have any questions about running MongoDB on Google. Stay tuned for future announcements on more plans and releases!