MongoLab’s next-generation Dedicated AWS plans – 100% SSD!

We're excited to announce the next generation of MongoLab's production-ready Dedicated plans on Amazon Web Services (AWS). After years of experience managing a fleet of over a hundred thousand MongoDB databases ranging from tiny to terabytes, we've seen a large number of use cases. We know that when it comes to databases, one size doesn't fit all.

That's why our new 100% SSD-backed Dedicated plans on AWS offer a much larger variety than our previous generation. We have analyzed thousands of existing deployments and created packages that allow users to choose what is important for their particular use case. These new plans give users the power to optimize for cost efficiency, storage, or performance.

Next-generation Dedicated plans on AWS

MongoLab's Dedicated Cluster plans* are now split into three different product lines: Standard, High Storage, and High Performance.

Each line offers seamless, zero-downtime vertical scaling between plan types and product lines, with horizontal scaling provided via auto-sharding on our High Performance line.

*Available in all AWS regions with prices varying across regions. Screenshots below are for the US East region.


The Standard line is our most cost-effective plan for production applications. We've found this RAM-to-storage ratio ideal for most low to mid-scale deployments and have helped countless customers successfully run applications on these instances.

For existing MongoLab customers on a Standard plan, you will be excited to know that these plans now use SSD-backed EBS volumes, giving you more IOPs and lower latency than before (you will need to upgrade your current deployments to take advantage of these new volume types).

MongoLab Standard Plan

High Storage

The High Storage line offers the highest storage-to-RAM ratio of all three lines and is geared towards applications that need to store large amounts of "cold" data and have more modest performance requirements.

For instance, you might have a chat application where users can message each other. Even though the application only uses a small subset of the data actively (the most recent messages between users), you might choose to store all messages indefinitely. This will result in a lot of "cold" data that is not frequently accessed by the application but nonetheless needs to be stored. The High Storage line is great for this use case.

MongoLab High Storage Plan

High Performance

The High Performance line redefines "fast" and is designed for applications with the most demanding workloads, featuring high RAM-to-storage ratios and local SSD storage capable of extremely high throughput and sub-ms latencies. If you're running a write-heavy or otherwise high-load application, this line offers unparalleled performance.

Lyft, a peer-to-peer ridesharing service famous for their signature pink moustaches and friendly drivers, leverages MongoLab's High Performance line to power their high-throughput systems.

"Lyft has been experiencing phenomenal growth over the past couple years, now offering our services in 70 cities worldwide. We started with MongoLab's Standard line but as we began to take-off we needed instances with ultra fast I/O. We have been on MongoLab's newest SSD-based clusters for a while now -- they have great performance and have been instrumental in our ability to scale." - Chris Lambert, CTO at Lyft.

MongoLab High Performance Plan

We're here to help

If you're unsure about which plan you need, would like to upgrade your existing plan or are just getting started with MongoDB, you can reach out to our team at anytime. Our goal is to make sure you love working with MongoDB and are successful while doing so. If you're on AWS and are using or thinking about MongoDB for an app, get in touch or get started with MongoLab for free!