Fully managed MongoDB replica sets for $15

We're very excited to announce $15 Shared Cluster plans across all major cloud providers (AWS, AzureGoogle, et al.) on MongoLab! MongoDB replica set clusters offer many benefits to developers, the biggest being high-availability. Any application in production needs a highly-available database to minimize downtime. At $15/GB per month, weekend hackers and teams on a tight budget can now afford to rest easy knowing that their application is backed by a highly-available MongoLab database.

What's under the hood on our Shared plans?

With MongoLab's Shared plan,  users receive:

Highly-Available MongoDB Cloud Hosting

  • Two data-bearing nodes and an arbiter on shared virtual machines (VMs)
  • SSD-backed block storage (AWS only for now; coming soon to Google)
  • Dedicated mongod server process
  • Multi-zone replication and automatic failover

MongoDB Management Tools

  • Free daily system-level backups
  • Real-time and historical monitoring of key performance metrics
  • Automated query analysis and index recommendations
  • Database current operations tools- find and terminate

As with all plans, the Shared plans also include MongoLab's expert, timely email support.

What about my existing Shared plan subscription?

Existing Shared Cluster plans

We automatically lowered your monthly charge to $15/GB as of October 1.

Existing Shared Single-node plans

Email us at support@mongolab.com so that we can help you seamlessly migrate to our new Shared replica set cluster plan.

Host your production application on MongoLab today!

With $15/GB per month Shared replica set plans, developers can now back their applications with a highly-available database for an incredible price. We look forward to working with the growing MongoDB community and are excited to help you scale the next big thing.