Simplified pricing for backups on Sandbox and Shared plans

We are announcing two improvements to simplify backup pricing for Sandbox and Shared plans.

  1. Shared Plans now include one free fully-customizable daily backup.
  2. Additional Shared Plan backups and Sandbox backups are now $0.50 per run regardless of size.

Backups still remain free and unlimited on all of our Dedicated plans.

In more detail:

(1) Shared plans now include a free, daily backup plan that's fully customizable.

While previously Shared plans included a daily system-level backup, it was not customizable. With a fully customizable backup plan, you can:

  • Configure a custom backup schedule
  • Upload either to your own S3 bucket or to mLab's
  • Restore on-demand at no charge

If you're currently paying for backups on your Shared plan(s), you'll see these cost reductions reflected in your January charges.

If you've never scheduled a custom backup plan, we have created a daily plan for you so that the next time you need to restore a backup, you'll already have one handy. If you need to change the schedule of this recurring backup or prefer that it uploads to your own S3 bucket, you can create a new backup plan and delete the one that we created for you.

(2) Sandbox and Shared plans have simpler, reduced backup pricing.

Backups are now 50 cents per run regardless of database size. For example, the monthly cost for a daily mongodump backup for a 30-day month would be $15, regardless of the size of your database.

If you have any questions or feedback please reach out at