GetHuman Saves $30,000 Annually with mLab

We're excited to share our newest case study with GetHuman. GetHuman helps consumers get in contact with hundreds of major companies more quickly -- slashing the time spent on hold and the need to navigate phone trees. The GetHuman team has also recently launched Swish, a budgeting app designed to make managing personal finances accurate, fast, and simple. Using mLab for over 5 years, GetHuman has never experienced a database infrastructure issue, and is now developing the Swish budgeting app with full confidence in its backend.

Case study highlights:

  • Entrusting database operations to mLab saves GetHuman time and money -- an estimated $30,000 in annual savings versus self-management.
  • mLab provides the database performance and consistency required to support GetHuman's SEO-driven business.
  • The GetHuman team launched the Swish budgeting app with confidence that mLab would deliver a reliable and scalable managed MongoDB database.

You can find the full case study here: