Cambly Makes Learning English Interactive and On-Demand with mLab

Check out our latest case study with Cambly. The Cambly founders set out to create a service that could enable anyone (from anywhere) to learn English through instructive conversations with native speakers -- and to do so on-demand. To facilitate platform development and grow a global business, Cambly relies on mLab to manage the growing company's database with absolute reliability.

Case study highlights:

  • After migrating from another MongoDB DBaaS solution, Cambly turned to mLab to provide the crucial database reliability and availability that could support its global business.
  • mLab provides powerful, easy-to-use monitoring and debugging tools that enable Cambly to maintain and optimize its database performance.
  • With mLab as a partner, Cambly is confident that it can scale and match more English language tutors to eager learners all around the world.

You can find the full case study here: