After Migrating to mLab, ZIG360 is Ready to Optimize Your Professional Networking

Our latest case study explores ID360's new application, ZIG360. ID360 is a global company providing training and coaching to individuals and businesses worldwide, empowering clients to design and execute networking strategies that develop the right relationships and alliances. Building on ID360's experience helping clients in this industry, ZIG360 is the company's new application for planning and visualizing networking strategies, and for managing all interactions with key influencers.

Three iPhones showing screens from the ZIG360 application. The front iPhone shows a radar with professional headshots of people in your network.

Case study highlights:

  • The low-touch simplicity and reliability of the mLab platform enables ZIG360 to build its application using a lean development model and a small internal team.
  • Migration to mLab was seamless and completed in a single night.
  • mLab makes scaling a MongoDB database easy -- an important consideration for ZIG360's global ambitions.

You can find the full case study here: