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PaaS and DBaaS as tools

At MongoLab we’re obsessed with software tools to get stuff done.  DBaaS and PaaS represent new tools in a developer’s toolbox.  To borrow a 1997 Steve Jobs metaphor below, writing an app is like constructing a building.  And a good building tool (in the then newly acquired NeXT case, OpenStep) “lets you start developing your […]

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Interview: Brad Feld – Live life

Brad Feld is one of the managing directors at Foundry Group, a venture capital firm that invests in early stage software / Internet companies throughout the United States, including MongoLab. He is also the co-founder of TechStars, a mentor-driven accelerator, author of several books and blogs, and a marathon runner. He is an long-time friend of […]

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History: Continuation Passing Style in Node.js.

In 1975, MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory published AI Memo 349. Written by Gerald Jay Sussman and Guy Lewis Steele, Jr, it described the fundamentals of Scheme, a new LISP-like language based on the powerful lambda calculus. One interesting new recursion technique they describe is the Continuation, which we now see today in many languages including  […]

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