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Using MongoDB $indexStats to identify and remove unused indexes

Proper indexing is critical to database performance. A single unindexed query is enough to cause significant performance degradation. It is relatively easy to spot a missing index using mLab’s Slow Query Analyzer, but the tool doesn’t provide an obvious way to identify and remove indexes that aren’t actually being used…

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How to choose a DBaaS? Check out our piece in DZone

DZone recently asked us to contribute an article on choosing a Database-as-a-Service provider. I was excited to write this because it gave us a chance to summarize some of our experience hosting hundreds of thousands of MongoDB deployments over the past five years. The piece, titled How to Choose a DBaaS, is also part of […]

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Telemetry Series: Queues and Effective Lock Percent

A key component of optimizing application performance is tuning the performance of the database that supports it. Each post in our Telemetry series discusses an important metric used by developers and database administrators to tune the database and describes how MongoLab users can leverage Telemetry, MongoLab’s monitoring interface, to effectively review and take action on […]

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